Julien Brunet, the Innovator

Wholehearted supporters of the cooperative movement, our 236 artisan winegrowers come from families that share a passion for their vineyards and making fine wine. United, pioneering, respectful of the environment as well as other people, creative, talented, committed, inquisitive, fighting for what they believe in, and avant-garde... We are pleased to share profiles of our colourful members with you in each of our newsletters.

This month, we highlight the audacity and courage of Julien Brunet:

Open to experimentation and typical of new generation cooperative members, Julien invested in a waste water treatment system based on the evapotranspiration process in 2017. The principle: to transform waste water and to recycle biomass. This makes use of plants that feed on waste water, recycling waste into biomasses such as oxygen and nitrogen, as well as other types of vegetation. What are the results? Very little waste and almost zero residues!

Julien Brunet, Le Novateur